The primary objective of the INTERGALERIE e.V. is the promotion of art and culture.

The INTERGALERIE e.V. is not a gallery in the traditional sense, but rather a platform for the development and implementation of project-related cultural activities which include:

the planning, consulting, and implementation of art and cultural projects which have a direct or indirect relationship with the branch of visual arts;

the initialization and promotion of projects or activities which serve organizations working in the area of fine

arts/culture and which engage the exchange and interconnectivity of regional, national, and international artists;

the organization and implementation of non-commercial events contributing to the promotion of cultural experience and a comprehensive knowledge base;

the development and promotion of integrated projects interested in the relationship and reciprocal influences between art, technology, and science;

the construction of a database composed of national and international artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector, as well as the successive establishment of an interface cross-linking their interests and projects;

the initialization and promotion of activities which contemplate, illuminate, and strengthen the value of visual arts in modern society.